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Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is a nongovernmental human rights and social justice organization. Founded in 1999, we provide legal services in response to human rights violations, campaign for social justice causes, conduct research on human rights and social justice, and work on legislation and policy. JFJ serves thousands of Jamaicans each year and produces high-impact research and advocacy that shape the national human rights agenda.

Our Programme Areas

  • Redress and Legal Services: We receive reports of human rights violations primarily by state agents (e.g. police abuse) and provide legal services to victims to receive justice. We operate in courts and tribunals at all levels and work on behalf of marginalized persons.
  • Policy and Advocacy: We study laws and policies and conduct advocacy to create an enabling environment for human rights, good governance and access to justice.
  • Research: We conduct research on social justice and governance issues to generate evidence, shape discourse, and impact policy.
  • Education and Outreach: We work with people and communities to provide support to people in need, build capacity to protect and promote human rights, and improve knowledge and attitudes.