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The Justice Project is an independent initiative of Jamaicans for Justice; a space of co-creation where collaborating intellectuals, activists, and creative minds conceptualize and implement different projects that advance social justice causes and impact the national consciousness through art. 
At present, it has three components: 

  1. Developing Artistic Projects that advance social justice in collaboration with local creatives 
  2. Enhancing the Visibility of Socially Conscious Art by leveraging the organizational reach 
  3. Building the Capacity of Creatives to Tackle Social Issues through training and exposure 

There are currently several artistic collaborations at varying stages of development. To connect with the project and the creatives behind it, head over to our dedicated Instagram page @JusticeProjectJA.

If you would like to join the collective, kickstart an initiative, or participate in an offering like the Social Justice Training, then register here.

We’re looking for a diverse cohort of people passionate about the causes that our world needs.

For questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

Stay tuned for more to come!