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As we draw close to the end of our 20th anniversary celebrations, we at Jamaicans for Justice are renewing our efforts to place the organization in a position to grow and thrive for the another 20 years.

We recognize the organization is strongest when our members play an active role in our initiatives. As such, we are embarking on a mission to reimagine JFJ Membership. This involves the reworking of our communication and engagement strategies, as well as the streamlining of our internal systems to support what we anticipate will be a robust membership body. A main part of this exercise includes reconnecting with existing members and updating our records, as well as inviting new members to join our ranks. 


We are inviting all our current members and those who have been members of JFJ in the past to confirm their membership. You can do so by clicking Confirm Membership below and completing the online form. Once you do so, our membership team will contact you regarding your annual registration fees, financial pledges and how we can better engage you.


We are seeking to recruit new members from all walks of life to join us in the fight to achieve a just and equitable society for all. To join the JFJ membership ranks, click Become A Member below and complete the online form to kickstart the process.


JFJ membership is for persons with an unwavering commitment to human rights and social justice who are interested in supporting the organization’s work to create a fair, just and equitable society for all.

Official JFJ members are entitled to participate in planning and decision-making at various levels within the organization including the appointment of the Board of Directors. Our members are frequently consulted on advocacy initiatives, projects, legal work, and matters of policy based on their expertise or interest.

As part of our new strategic plan, JFJ will be creating greater opportunities for members to get involved in work across the organization and on diverse issues. We have not always done this as well as we need to. So, moving forward JFJ will be creating spaces for members to work on initiatives that matter to them and use their voices, skills and resources to amplify the organization’s national impact.

Membership Registration Fee is $200 Annually. Our members also to make a financial pledge within their means towards the organization’s work. Annual, quarterly or monthly membership donations are encouraged and are important for the continued sustainability and growth of the organization.